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SHLOMO was born in Bulgaria. In the small city of Provadia, close to the Black sea. He absorbed the colors and the essence of the countryside until the age of 14.

In 1949, he left his country and imigrated with his parents to Israël. After a few months in a transit camp, the family settled in Jerusalem. At the age of 15, the painter Jonah Mah, a neighbour took him under his wing and presented him to the Academy of Arts, Betzalel, where he was accepted immediately.

During four years he learns and assimilates the culture of his teachers, former students of the Bauhaus. Their names : Mordechaï Ardon (pupil of the famous painters Paul Klee and Vassily Kandinsky), Isidore Asheim, Steinhardt and Yossi Stern.

After his miltary service, Shlomo returns to Betzalel as a teacher. Two years later he quits teaching and dives into the world of illustration and design.

In 1964 he arrives in Paris and studies etching with master Coutaud at the Beaux-Arts School. He also works as a designer for different advertising firms.

Secret garden

In 1970 he returns to Israel. Works again as a designer and executes several wall paintings.

Since 1980 he lives and paints in Paris and takes part in different art events and exhibits individually.

SHLOMO started as a fauvist, continued as a symbolist to reach lately minimalism. He flirts with the abstraction of the shape and the material…